How Hitler Seized Power: Could it Happen In America?

How Hitler Seized Power: Could it Happen In America? Never in the history of our inspired experiment in self-goverment has our nation been in greater danger. If we value our freedom and democracy, we must understand how the Germans lost theirs in 1933.

Could it happen in the USA?

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Other Books by Joan Francis

Real life private eye Joan Francis presents the adventures of fictional PI Diana Hunter in globe-hopping, thought-provoking thrillers that seem to be ripped from today's headlines, then laced with suspense and humor.

Deadly Treasure - A Diana Hunter Thriller

Deadly Treasure With her father kidnaped, Diana Hunter is forced to board a ship in Los Angeles Harbor and follow in the wake of her Uncle Bennett’s 1949 voyage. Using her uncle’s cryptic notes, Diana must out maneuver hired killers, search every port of call, and find five priceless pieces of art work, or her father dies. Of course, those who know her, know that only Diana could be shanghaied and end up sailing in the luxury of a penthouse stateroom on a trip that is a travelog wrapped in a mystery and solved by a treasure hunt.

If you've ever dreamed of taking a cruise, this book is a must read! Suspense, mystery and adventure in every port-of-call.

Frances Reed, author of Graveyard Dead

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Corporatocracy Rules - A Diana Hunter Thriller

Corporatocracy Rules Private investigator Diana Hunter finds herself ensnared in a world where corporate wealth and political power merge. In this realm of the Corporatocracy she discovers that things are not controlled by the rule of law, but rather by Corporatocracy Rules.

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Silent Coup - A Diana Hunter Thriller

Silent Coup Private eye, Diana Hunter, investigates a shadow agency and finds a global conspiracy with roots in Nazi Germany and tendrils in today's halls of power.

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Old Poison - A Diana Hunter Thriller

Old Poison When PI Diana Hunter investigates an alternative fuel that could have disastrous environmental effects, she finds herself undercover in the rain forests of Costa Rica where corporate greed and deadly agents are silencing anyone who could expose the truth.

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